【Kayak course】Kayaking in Kumamoto Prefecture Kyusyu.

Course Name【Kayak course】
※You can kayak from April 1st to October 10th.
When would you like to schedule your experience?
Minimum 2 participants.
The base cost is  4,500 YEN / person.
For 3 people the cost is  4,000 YEN / person.  
For groups of 4 people or more the cost is  3,500 YEN / person. 
Please indicate the group representative.
Your name
Gender  male  female
Where are you from?
Your cellphone number.
Your e-mail address.
●Participants list.
 Name / Age  
※Please note! 
Heightlimitation is 200cm/6 feet 7 inches.  
Shoes size limitation is 30 cm/USA size 13.  
Weight limitation is 100kg/230lb.
■Other opinions, requests, etc.

Ninja experience of Hinokuniya(Japan).